Rivers remain very high this week

This is the scene along many Northern Michigan rivers which are running near or above bankfull

Rivers are still running high across parts of Northern Michigan, and with rain Tuesday, they are forecasted to remain high the remainder of the week.

While the rivers are high across Northern Michigan, they are no where near the level of the Grand River downstate at Grand Rapids which has seen a record flood, cresting Saturday at 21.85-ft. The old record flood was 19.50-ft, with that river normally running less than a foot.

Local rivers of note that are still running high and could see minor flooding continue to include the Manistee River which is near or slightly over bankfull, the Pere Marquette River, along with the Muskegon River. While major flooding is not anticipated, lowland areas will see minor flooding with the rivers remaining high.

As for the forecast, rain will fall much of the day Tuesday as a cold front crosses, mixing with some snow late in the day as colder air sweeps in. Snow accumulation will be minimal with perhaps up to a slushy inch or so. Dry weather along with some sunshine return Wednesday with daytime highs only in the 40's.