RNC a bust for many Tampa restaurants

Thousands of law enforcement officers are spread throughout Tampa.

Several business owners in Tampa are angry because they aren't seeing the increase in business they were hoping for during the Republican National Convention.

The money flowing into Tampa, according to officials, is expected to rake in more than $150 million during the four day period.

Restaurants were told to prepare for and anticipate an exponential increase in business, but many of them said the reality is the exact opposite.

"I was looking forward to making a lot of money with a lot of people being out on the streets," said restaurant manager Wendy Miller. "Thereâ??s nobody really on the streets at all."

Miller said business was dramatically down and her restaurant actually lost money.

"We didnâ??t make any money," she said. "We spent more money than anything. We over-ordered on everything so really ,weâ??ve not been using any of our food that we ordered."

The restaurant owners and operators are putting a lot of blame on police presence. They said the presence of police everywhere is keeping their normal customers away while convention go-ers are eating at their hotels.

Restaurant operators also said because the security perimeter of the RNC is difficult to get in and out of, most are staying inside the area and not venturing to other parts of the city.

Many of the restaurants said they are now planning to ask the City for some sort of reimbursement or compensation.

Our news team is at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Tune in tonight to see the latest as Mitt Romney accepts the official GOP presidential nomination.