RNC protesters and police both claim victory

Many protesters were based out of a camp dubbed 'Romneyville.'

As the 2012 Republican National Convention comes to a close, both protesters and police are claiming a victory.

Protesters from across the country traveled to Tampa to spread their messages. Police said only three people were arrested and the protests remained peaceful.

Police credit the strong presence of law enforcement for the peaceful protests.

"I certainly never dreamed that weâ??d only be making three arrests because there are individuals that came here with the intent of being arrested and frankly they just havenâ??t had the opportunity," said Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor.

Castor said her officers, combined with several other departments, worked with the demonstrators to help them reach their goals all while keeping peace in the city.

â??I really want them to know that the system requires a lot of giving and taking," said protester Miguel Gonzales. "You want to work for the equal right.â??

Although the number of protesters was far less than expected, protesters said they felt their messages were spread successfully.

Many of them said they were working to bring attention to issues dealing with healthcare and the economy.

"They need to understand that just becaue weâ??re still poor doesnâ??t mean that they can't aid us," said protester Curtis Hunt. "We need their help more than anything."

Protesters said they also plan to travel to Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention next week.