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      Road Commission on blizzard-like conditions: 'Stay home, it's not worth it'

      The slick roads and blizzard-like conditions are a nightmare for most drivers.

      But for Vern Kassuba, it's just another day on the job.

      "It's been an eventful day we've had a lot of wind and snow," Kassuba said. "It's kept us busy."

      H e is just one of the many snow plow drivers from our area road commissions that is trying to keep our roadways clean. B ut that task isn't an easy one.

      " I mean the trucks can go through and 45 minutes later it looks like nobody had even been there," Pat Harmon, Charlevoix County Road Commission Manager said.

      T oday's strong winds are creating headaches for drivers and it's not going to let up anytime soon.

      " The winds are supposed to switch and blow out of the northwest tomorrow at 25 to 35 mph so we might not even see it let up until Sunday," Harmon said.

      W hile the winds will create blurred vision on the roads , K assuba says there are bigger threats for drivers.

      " Anytime t hey get icy we ' re in trouble ," Kassuba said. "T he snow isn't as bad , it's the ice that makes thing bad for the drivers who can't control their vehicle ."

      T he nasty weather conditions will only get worse as the night goes on and our road commissions just have one simple message.

      "P eople don't need to go and it's not an emergency stay home it's not worth it ," Harmon said.