Road crew warriors hit the pavement

Keeping the roads clean and passable

Snow plow drivers from both Charlevoix and Emmet Counties had their trucks loaded with salt, their plows attached and headed out to clear the roads around 7:00 am Thursday morning.

Both counties have around 20 trucks on the roads throughout the day. Especially when expecting such a heavy snow fall.

Patrick Harmon is the Charlevoix County Road Commission Manager and he says during snowy conditions like this, drivers need to respect the road.

"The roads get slippery," Harmon said. "Everyone just needs to slow down."

He said that if you don't need to go somewhere, you should stay off the road if they are covered with snow. He says its better to be safe than sorry when dealing with these conditions.

"Some cars just fly and some people loose control and crash, we're not in July right now," Harmon said.

Brain Gutowski is the Emmet Count Road Commission Manager and he says his crew will be working through the night until the roads around the county are cleared. His team wants to make sure the roads are as clear as possible before the Holiday traffic picks up this weekend.

"It's very important, especially our U.S. highways to keep them clean this time of the season," Gutowski said.