Rock hound hauls in 92-pound Petoskey stone

Manistee Co man hauls in a 92-pound Petoskey stone

A Manistee County man made quite a haul on a recent rock hunting trip.

Tim O'Brien of Copemish first spotted the huge Petoskey stone about a week ago when he was out rock hunting with friends. It was buried in the sand several feet out in Lake Michigan and couldn't be retrieved.

O'Brien made plans to return to the spot and try again to pull it out a few days later but the waves made it difficult to find. The third time was the charm, when a return trip with a few garden tools and a friend helped free the mammoth rock.

After trekking along a beach for about a mile carrying the 92-pound find, the treasure was brought safely back home.

When O'Brien was asked where he found this fantastic fossil, he replied like any rock hound would, in very generic terms, "I found it near Northport," laughed O'Brien.

A Petoskey is a fossil colonial coral. These corals lived in warm shallow seas that covered Michigan during Devonian time, some 350 million years ago. To read more about the Petoskey Stone click here.

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