Roof collapses at Mackinaw Crossings complex

The roof of the Mackinaw Crossings complex collapsed under the weight of heavy snow.

According Mackinaw City Fire Chief Fred Thompson Jr., the roof over four shops collapsed.

"They were in the process, this week, of removing snow," said Thompson. "This building didn't get it fast enough. They had a huge load up there that caused this to happen."

The Chief said the damage will require major reconstruction and is probably a total loss for that portion of the building.

"On top of the theater... there's areas where there's 4-5 feet [of snow]," Thompson explained.

No one was in the store when the collapse happened and no other injuries were reported.

At the current time, the area has been taped off and gas has been shut off to the building. The area is being treated as a "collapse zone" right now and are telling people in the area to use caution as other walls may continue to fall.

The fire chief warns homeowners of the issues that could arise with warmer weather.

"When you take that kind of snow and that kind of freeze/thaw cycle we've had, it adds a lot more weight than you really thinks up there. A lot of people don't think this is ever going to happen, but it's happening. As spring comes along, we start getting rain. The snow is like a sponge and it'll pick up a lot more weight. This is what it's going to end up looking like."