Sarah Knysz testifies against husband

Sarah Knysz testified against her husband, saying he shot Trooper Butterfield and drove away.

Sarah Knysz, the wife of accused murderer Eric Knysz, took the stand Monday, testifying against her husband in the murder of Trooper Paul Butterfield.

In her testimony, Knysz laid out the sequence of events that took place on Sept. 9.

The couple was looking to buy a new car and responded to an ad on Facebook for a white Grand Prix for sale.

The two went to see the car in the afternoon and took it for a test drive.

â??We got a hold of the owner and asked if we could come take a look at it. [Then we] told him we wanted it, but we needed a couple hours to get money,â?? said Knysz.

To get six hundred dollars, Eric Knysz went to a bowling alley in Ludington to sell guns to a man with an ad on Facebook.

â??He stole them from his dad's [house],â?? said Knysz.

Travis Gajewski took the stand Monday. He said he bought guns from the couple for $250.

Since the money from the guns wasn't enough to cover the cost of the car, the couple went back home. On the way, they were pulled over by a Michigan State Police trooper.

Sarah Knysz explained what happened when Trooper Paul Butterfield approached their truck.

â??He started to ask, â??how is it goingâ?? and my husband shot himâ?¦ in the face.â??

She said the trooper fell into the street and did not get up. Her husband started the truck and drove away.

Knysz said the two then stopped and got $400 from Eric's boss.

â??Originally it was so we could get the car, but by then it was so we could get away.â??

According to Sarah's testimony, the Knyszes enlisted the help of Eric's mom to get away.

Sarah went inside to get Tammi Spofford while Eric was outside â??cleaning the blood off of the truck.â??

At first, Spofford didn't believe Eric when he told her he shot a cop. â??She acted like it was a joke at first.â??

Sarah said Spofford kept telling her son to slow down because she was worried about getting pulled over for driving too fast as they went to steal the car they had test driven earlier in the day. Spofford drove away in the red truck that belonged to Ericâ??s father, while the Knyszes made their getaway in the stolen white Grand Prix. The two were caught when they stopped to get gas.

â??I went inside. He got gas. Then cops came and he ran out and got shot.â??

Sarah Knysz was arrested and taken to the Manistee Hospital. There she spoke with a detective and gave him a receipt from McDonaldâ??s and the memory card from her phone.

The prosecution also brought Knyszâ??s father, John Knysz, to the stand, asking him about guns Eric allegedly stole from his house.

Knysz said he has around 30 guns, but that his son did not have permission to use, borrow, or sell them. He also identified the murder weapon as having belonged to him. Knysz said he kept that gun unloaded in a presentation case in his house.

During his testimony, Gajewski claimed the Knyszes had used a fake name in their messages back and forth.

He said he was alerted to something being wrong later that night after he bought the guns.

â??It came across the scanner that a cop was shot,â?? said Gajewski. â??They were looking for someone in a red truck. I just remember it was a red truck, so I called in and they told me to bring in the guns the next morning.â??

Gajewski plead guilty to two 90 day misdemeanors for possession of handguns without a license. As part of his plea deal, he agreed to testify against Knysz.

Sarah was pregnant at the time of the murder. She gave birth to her baby boy, Jayden, on Christmas day.

At the close of day five, the judge said the trial could be wrapping up soon.