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      Sault Ste. Marie Commissioner charged for child pornography

      A Sault Ste. Marie City Commissioner is charged for child pornography on Monday in Chippewa County.

      Jeffrey Harold Stefanski, 45, is charged with five counts of felony child pornography as well as one count of contributing to a minor.

      â??I was a little bit taken back and surprised because of his status as an elected official,â?? said Chippewa County Sheriff Robert Savoie. â??When we got more in depth with the investigation we soon recognized that there was something wrong.â??

      The investigation began in December when deputies say they received a tip from an underage male victim who said he saw Stefanski looking at pornography.

      Chippewa County Sheriffâ??s Deputies and Charlevoix Computer Forensics Team said they were able to pull multiple pictures and videos of underage boys from Stefanski's home computer.

      According to Chippewa County Sheriffâ??s Department Detective Greg Postma, some of the inappropriate videos seemed to be homemade, but did not appear to be made in Stefanskiâ??s house.

      â??So a lot of people think that just viewing this stuff they're not producing it; theyâ??re just viewing it,â?? said Postma. â??No, you are encouraging them by simply looking at it. You are encouraging somebody, somewhere to make another video, take another picture, which in turn is abusing another child.â??

      The victims in the photos and videos were not able to be identified, but investigators were able to get an estimate from medical professional of the age of the children in the videos.

      Detective Postma said some of the boys were estimated to be as young as 12 years old.

      Stefanski is scheduled for a status hearing on Aug. 28th.