Scattered showers this weekend

This weekend weâ??re expecting showers to pop up on the radar. They will be scattered around the state. If you get rainâ?¦you may also get thunder and lightning. The chance of severe thunderstormsâ?¦meaning damage from hail and windâ?¦is small. However, we will see pockets of heavy rain, and weâ??ll get some lightning. Wind will come from the southwest Saturday and turn to the west on Sunday. It will be light except near the showersâ?¦thatâ??s when it will pick up and gust over 20 mph.

The weather story early next week includes showersâ?¦but more noticeable will be the temperatures. Itâ??s going to be cooler. On Tuesdayâ?¦many towns will see highs staying in the 50s. And Tuesday nightâ?¦we could see some record lows!

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