School district hoping to transform bus into food truck

Traverse City Area Public Schools is working on making an old school bus into a food bus.

One area school district may be turning an old piece of equipment into a way to raise money for the school and serve up some delicious food.

TCAPS is working on making an old school bus into a food bus.

â??It's just a creative way to generate more fundraising opportunities for everybody in the school,â?? said Tom Freitas, TCAPS Food and Nutrition Services Director. â??Obviously with times as tough as they, we want to give people more opportunities.â??

The bus would be stationed at all kinds of TCAPS events, from football games to school musicals and plays.

Different student organizations would help work the bus for each event and at the end of the night, that group gets the proceeds.

â??I do think it's going to be successful,â?? said Erik Falconer, TCAPS Board of Education Treasure. â??It's just another example of the people who work for TCAPS being creative and working to continuously improve so that we can have more dollars going back into the classroom and working for our kids.â??

Turning the bus into a food truck is expected to cost nearly 50 thousand dollars, but TCAPS is working with several local businesses to sponsor the bus.

â??These buses cost nearly one million dollars,â?? said Freitas. â??To get another five years of usage out of them for the school is a really nice thing, it's nice to sustainability for the district.â??

The truck is also a way to bring a healthier option to many TCAPS events that aren't currently available.

â??The intention on the opportunity is to actually improve the quality and the healthiness of the food,â?? said Falconer. â??So instead of just having things pulled out of the shelf, candy bars, or pre-prepared, prepackaged things, we can actually have coolers, weâ??ll have heating services and I think it's really going to improve the quality.â??