Schools in Crisis Special Report

Northern Michigan business and educational leaders are stepping up their efforts to get state lawmakers and the Governor to fix the school funding issue in the state.

In a 7 & 4 News Special Report airing Tuesday night at 7:30 pm on 29 & 8 and again on Saturday, May 5th at 7 pm on 7 & 4, area chambers along with area superintendents talked about the inequities in educational funding and how it is impacting schools and communities in northern Michigan.

They may be three most important words when it comes to educating our kids: per pupil funding.

Essentially, itâ??s the amount of taxpayer money each school gets to hire teachers, maintain buildings, and get resources to make sure our kids can learn.

But when it comes to per pupil funding, we are a state divided. And many educators and administrators say most Northern Michigan schools are getting the short of end of the stick.

The search for answers often ends up at the State Capitol. For years, lawmakers from our area have called for the playing field to be leveled, equal funds for all students but that hasn't happened.

They blame the political power from the south for our school funding gridlock.

State Representative Greg MacMaster (R-105th District) says it's pretty simple to explain why nothing has changed, "We would love to see the equitable funding come up, but people down south feel we are going to lose it, and if we are going to lose it we are not going to vote for it."

So according to MacMaster, there simply are not enough votes in the State House, or down the hall in the Senate to make it work.

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