Schwander gets original sentence again, facing 40-70 years

Schwander is facing 40-70 years for the murder of Carly Lewis.

Robert Schwander has been re-sentenced to his original sentence length.

Schwander is facing 40-70 years for the murder of Carly Lewis.

In court today, Schwander apologized to the entire courtroom including Carly's family, and his own.

This is what he had to say to Todd and Susan Lewis, Carly's parents:

"There's nothing I can say to you that will make this right," said Schwander. "There's nothing I can say or do. What happened was truly an accident from the bottom of my heart and I wish you believed me. Oh I wish you honestly did believe me, that it was an accident. And I think in your heart you know that. I can't say what you know or don't know. I'm sorry for the pain I've put you through and suffering and all the agony I've caused to you and your lovely family. You guys are good people and I understand how you feel. I understand hatred, sorrow. I understand it all So from the bottom of my heart, it may not mean much to you, but I'm sorry."

Schwander then turned to his parents, brother and sister, and told them that they need to move on, and live their lives without worrying about him.

"Don't worry about me," said Schwander. "This is just a small road block. You guys got to move on man. You guys can't be worrying about me. Get back to normal life. Get back to it. Get back to...just live life...(not audible). Live life. Don't worry about me. I'll take care of myself okay?"

Schwander also apologized to Judge Philip Rogers for his actions.

Todd and Susan Lewis then stood up in court, and read a letter that spoke about their own experiences with Schwander, calling him a young killer who cannot be trusted.

"He is a loveless and soulless creature who doesn't resemble any human being we could imagine," read Todd Lewis. "The real Jensen is where he belongs and he looks good in shackles."

Judge Rogers listened to both sides and explained to Schwander that his sentence would be determined by who he is as a person and what he did. It was on those grounds that he re-sentenced Schwander to the original sentence of 40-70 years.

In April, the Michigan Court of Appeals vacated Schwander's original sentence for killing 16-year-old Carly Lewis. They said it was excessive and outside the guidelines.

"We put a lot of effort into trying to show the Court of Appeals and others that that was a sentence that was inappropriately given," said Schwander's attorney, Craig Elhart. "Judge Rogers gave a very massful decision today. It will now be up to the Court of Appeals again, I'm sure to take a look at that."

Sentencing guidelines in this case are 13.5 years.

Schwander is currently being held at Oaks Correctional Facility in Manistee. Elhart suggested that he appeal Friday's decision, but that he should also seek a new lawyer and have fresh eyes look at the case.

Schwander was found guilty of second degree murder. Carly Lewis, 16, was found dead in a sand pile in Traverse City in June of 2011.

"Justice was served," Susan Lewis said after court.

"He got what he deserved," said Todd Lewis. "I'm not the judge but I'm pleased. Like the judge said, it's time to move on now."

The Schwander family released the following written statement:

"Mr. and Mrs. Schwander ask that the media respect their privacy at this time and in the future. They also thank the community for their continued support. Most importantly, they do ask for healing prayers during this difficult process. Not for themselves, but healing prayers for Jensen and Carly, the two children involved in this tragedy."