Scorpion crawls out of package, family not hurt

A Ludington family had quite the scare when a scorpion crawled out of a shipping envelope.

Imagine opening a shipping envelope you just got in the mail, and then see a scorpion crawling across the floor. That's exactly what happened to a Ludington family last Friday.

â??It's just surreal to see a scorpion in your bathroom,â?? said Mike Comstock who found the scorpion. â??I didn't know what it was at first. I thought maybe a crayfish or something like that because there's no scorpions in Michigan, so next thing I know I'm grabbing the closest thing which was a cup to cover it up.â??

The scorpion crawled out of a package with pills his wife Danielle ordered from the company â??Saba For You. For Life.â?? and onto the bathroom floor. The couple is not blaming anyone for this incident.

â??Luckily I found it in the bathroom because we have a tile floor, because if that scorpion was on the carpet we never would've found it.â??

Mike wanted to keep the scorpion. He even fed it some crickets, but Danielle had something else in mind.

â??That was an instant 'get it out of my house' type of thing but I wanted to get a heat lamp and keep it in the aquarium and have it as a pet, but that didn't go so well.â??

â??I basically threatened that I was going to leave with the child if he didn't let me kill it,â?? joked Danielle Comstock.

Danielle ended up winning that fight. She never thought something like this would ever happen to her family.

â??Packages come from all over the country, even the world and anything can get in there and so just be conscious of where you're sticking your hand and be conscious of what you're bringing into your house.â??

The Comstocks are holding their little girl a little closer.

â??I'm very glad nothing happened," said Mike.

According to Danielle, the company explained the package was in Texas for two days and that must have been where the scorpion came from. Danielle pointed out two small openings near the top of the envelope where the scorpion could have entered. When reached for a comment, â??Saba For You. For Life.â?? said they had no comment.

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