Sean Phillips trial wraps up

The Defense prepares to call witnesses in the Sean Phillips trial.

Update 8:00pm

The jury in the Sean Phillips trial has recessed for the evening. They deliberated for around hour and half before deciding to return in the morning to resume their work. After 8 days of prosecution testimony, the defense took over this morning and quickly moved through its list of witnesses, resting early this afternoon. Closing arguments were heard, and the jury began its task of determining the guilt or innocence of Phillips. Deliberations will resume at 8 am at the Mason County Courthouse.

Update: 1:15pm:

Closing arguments in the Sean Phillips trial will begin at 2:30pm.

The Defense rested its case after calling three witnesses to the stand. The final witness for the Prosecution Thursday was Special Agent Brett Leatherman with the FBI. Agent Leatherman interviewed a Birmingham, MI couple Wednesday about the couples profile on an adoption website.

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Sean Phillips Trial