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      Search for person involved in 15-second robbery

      A search is underway in Cheboygan County for someone who grabbed cash from a gas station register.

      "On the video it happened in 13-15 seconds counting the time they opened the south door. Ran in jumped the counter, grabbed the cash, jumped the counter and ran back out," Cheboygan Public Safety Director Kurt Jones said.

      It happened Wednesday around 12:55am at the Holiday Gas Station on S. Main Street in Cheboygan. Police say a person walked into the business, jumped over the service counter while the attendant was in a supply room, grabbed the cash and left.

      The employee heard the buzzer ring and by the time she looked into the lobby, the person was jumping up from behind the counter and ran out the door. There was no contact between the store employee and the suspect either verbal or physical and there were no weapons displayed.

      Assistance from the Cheboygan County Sheriff Department tracking dog provided a short direction of travel to the south and was lost where the parking lot adjoins Mill Street.

      Police say that the quick nature of this crime creates a number of possible motives.

      "It appears as though they had a plan, or possibly would have been a former employee at the holiday store or there's a small number of possibilities," Jones said.

      The Cheboygan Department of Public Safety is looking for a subject approximately 5'8", medium build wearing a tan lightweight jacket with a black hoodie underneath, blue jeans and light colored shoes. The subject had the hood up on the hoodie and it appears their face was covered with some type of mask.

      If you have information on this crime contact the Cheboygan Department of Public Safety (231) 627- 4321 or Central Dispatch at 1-800-577-1911.