Search on for RC cars jacked from Gaylord business

A bizarre case is revving up in Gaylord, where thieves stole thousands of dollars in cash and remote control racing vehicles from a hobby shop just outside of city limits.

Racing remote control cars, RC cars for short, is a hobby growing in popularity. The cars are quick, make massive jumps, and can be clocked at 70 miles an hour. Last week, someone or some people raced away with a big part of Performance Raceway and Hobbies business.

â??There was a lot missing, a lot of empty holes," says owner Jay Bright.

More than $8,000 in cash and RC racing equipment was gone.

"Everything here is bought through our pocketbook first, and then we've got to sell it, so it cripples you," says Bright.

The thieves busted through a window and took nine RC cars, worth $250 to $550 a piece. Now, police are looking for whoever is riding, or remote control driving, dirty.

â??Small business owners trying to make ends meat in this kind of market, and it's a shame they have to be victim to somebody that is stealing from them," says Michigan State Police Sgt. Jeff Gorno.

The thieves also got away with pricey batteries and top-of-the-line radio transmitters. Police have a few leads, but until someone is behind bars, Bright says he's putting up the caution flag.

â??(I hope) they get caught. Our insurance is taking care of us so far, but they can't keep going around and doing this kind of stuff, it hurts companies, it hurts people," says Bright.

And he's hoping anybody with any information will step forward and put an end to the people trying to ruin a hobby.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the MSP Gaylord Post at 989-732-2778.