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      Seasonal Hiring Begins

      T he slopes at Boyne Mountain Ski Resortare calm and peaceful. That won't last much longer, as winter is just around the corner. That means this business will be booming and they will need additional help for the season.

      " For us to be adding 200 people this winter is a great opportunity for the people locally , who may have a seasonal job this summer and are looking for something and also the people that are moving to our area and and having a business that's open four seasons we have great opportunities here for those people ," Boyne Resorts HR Manager Amanda Hayworth said.

      B oyne Resorts is just one of many ski areas throughout the region that will begin their hiring process in October. This will bring hundreds of jobs to a region that is still struggling with unemployment. These temporary jobs could lead to permanent opportunities.

      " We promote a lot from within our organization , so many people who come to our business are looking for season opportunities and some find full-time year-round positions that that they love," Hayworth said.

      M ajor retailers also announced that they will be hiring to keep up with the busy shopping season. Walmart and Kohl'swill each bring in 50,000 seasonal workers across the nation. These jobs give local workers a boost.

      " If you're working , even if it's maybe not a full-time job , even maybe you're underemployed , you 're still making the contacts , you 're making the connections in the community , you're developing your resume , building your resume and your growing professionally so that when the next opportunity comes around , you're ready to pounce on it," Petoskey Chamber of Commerce President Carlin Smith said.