Second body found on scene of plane crash

Crews are on scene of a deadly plane crash in Charlevoix County.

The Sheriff's Department is reporting a second body has been found at the scene of a plane crash in Charlevoix County.

The crash happened around 7 a.m. off of Addis Road. near Boyne City.

The crash site is set back about a half-mile in the woods and is only accessible by foot and snowmobile.

The Sheriff's Department reports the plane is a Mooney model M20R.

Officials say they have found two bodies at the crash site, one of them is the pilot of the plane. WDIV is reporting the victims on the crash were Todd Glen Lloyd, 51, and Christopher Neumann, 38. The two men were leaving the Boyne City airport and may have been flying downstate to Birmingham.

Lloyd was the pilot and owner of the plane registered to Chair Cover Holdings in Madison Heights. WDIV is reporting he and Neumann were skiing at Boyne Mountain over the weekend and were originally planning to leave Sunday evening but delayed their departure until this morning due to the weather.

The Federal Aviation Administration will be on scene, but the Sheriff does not know how long it will take them to arrive.

"We will be sitting on the scene here until they arrive to take over the scene and the two bodies will be transported to Grand Rapids for autopsies," Sheriff Don Schneider said.

The county has a front loader on the scene to attempt to clear a plath to get first responders to the scene easier.

"We actually had the Charlevoix County Road Commission bring in a plow and plow away the scene so we could sore first responders could get up there and assist the scene," Sheriff Schneider said.

Neighbors say they were puzzled to hear a plane flying over their home, then they heard an explosion.

"I heard the roar of a plane and I thought that is awful low and then I heard a big bang," Lorna Horn, Addis Rd. resident said. "I didn't think anybody would be out on a plane in this weather."

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If anyone witnessed the plane crash, they are asked to contact Detective Lt. Mike Wheat at the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office at 231-547-4461.