Secretary of State sends letter to Vice President with voter fraud recommendations

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mi - Michigan Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson, sent a two page letter to Vice President Mike Pence expressing concern over voter fraud.

In the letter, she recommended five different ways the federal government could help state and local officials improve election integrity.

Johnson also noted that 1.1 million people were removed from the list because they were either dead, moved out of the country or not a citizen.

Johnson’s recommendations were:

  • Making Social Security information available to state elections officials to help remove the names of voters who are deceased.
  • Create an efficient way to remove a voter from the rolls if they have a driver's license in another state.
  • Provide election officials with non-citizen’s information to help avoid being faced with a felony charge or deportation.
  • Create a national database for election crime.
  • Requiring voting machines with a "verifiable paper trail" across the U.S.

The Grand Traverse County Clerk, Bonnie Scheele, believes voter fraud is a concern across the country.

"I don't think that Michigan is as bad as some other states,” said Scheele. “We have a really good state wide qualified voter file which talks to each county. If somebody registered to vote in another county, they are automatically canceled in the previous county. It's when they cross state borders that I think the issue arises because that state might not know they are registered over here in Michigan. “

There is no evidence of widespread fraud.

At least 31 people could face criminal charges after voting twice in Michigan.

CLICK HERE to read Johnson's full letter.

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