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      Selling everything, Canadian couple travels 1,000 days in canoe

      A lot of people fantasize about selling everything they own and living a simpler life. One Canadian couple is making that dream a reality on the water.

      Pierre PÃpin and Jennifer Gosselin are in it for the long haul.

      The couple embarked on a thousand day journey about two months ago, and is making their way around northern Michigan.

      Wednesday night they camped in Charlevoix at Fisherman's Island State Park. In the next few days, theyâ??ll head to Traverse City.

      They're about 75 days into their trip that started in Quebec City. PÃpin says they have at least 80 stories of people they've met along the way.

      â??We're not trying to establish a record. We're not trying to go fast. We're just trying to meet as many people as possible and have great experiences.â??

      â??I think it's a great way of living,â?? said Gosselin. â??Sure, sometimes it's cold and wet, but still we are good in the tent just moving place to place.â??

      The two planned for years, sold all their belongings, and set out on a thousand day trip, taking with them only what they can carry in their canoe.

      â??What you see is what you get,â?? said PÃpin. â??We sold everything we own. We sold our house, car, truck, toys, tools; you name it: everything.â??

      It took them six months to figure out how to pack it all in.

      â??Everything goes in there, roughly 450 pounds of weight: 37 dayâ??s-worth of dehydrated food, tent, tarp, clothes, it's in there,â?? said PÃpin.

      After working in a corporate office setting, Gosselin is grateful for her new office with a view.

      â??You actually feel free, just free. You don't have to ask yourself what am I going to wear today or having the stress of big meeting,â?? said Gosselin.

      While the views are remarkable, the couple says the trip is more focused on the people they're meeting along the way.

      â??You go see the owner of the place and he doesn't want you to pitch your tent on his place. He wants inside the house. He's giving you a full meal, a nice place to wash, Internet access,â?? explained PÃpin.

      They don't have plans for the future, and say they're in no rush to figure it out, but they agree theyâ??ll live a lot more simply when they're back on land.

      You can follow the couple's journey the entire way on their blog.