Senior meal delivery driver honored with life-saving award

An Osceola County Commission on Aging employee was recognized Friday for saving the life of a home bound client twice within six months.

OSCEOLA CO. Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- An Osceola County Commission on Aging employee was recognized for saving the life of a home-bound client twice within six months.

Bob Fulmerhouser was honored with a Michigan Life Saving Award Friday.

Fulmerhouser has worked for the Commission on Aging as a Senior Home Delivered Meals Program driver for 9 years and knows his home-bound clients very well.

When one of his clients, Peter Mullian, didn't answer his door recently, Fulmerhouser knew something was very wrong.

The C.O.A has a protocol when a client doesn't answer the door, which includes calling the office, office staff then calls an emergency contact and police to do a well-check visit. After daily visits with Mullian for years, Fulmerhouser insisted staying at his home and calling 911.

In the first instance, Mullian was found passed out on the floor with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Several months later, Mullian had suffered a fall and when he was found had a very low body temperature that could have killed him had Fulmerhouser not found him and warmed him up with blankets until emergency crews arrived.

"Bob knows his people on his route very well," explained Scott Schryer, Director of Osceola County COA. "He knows their animals, he knows when they come and go. He knew when the gentlemen didn't come to the door something was wrong. He heard the dog barking inside, he was insistent something was wrong."
"People who do these in-home services are our eyes on the ground. Bob is a great example of that," said Schryer. "Bob is one of those guys who is extremely dedicated to his job he doesn't hardly take any days off, just extremely dedicated."

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