Sequestration impacts looming in northern Michigan

Sequestration is causing a wide range of concern and uncertainty in northern Michigan.

Sequestration is causing concern and uncertainty in northern Michigan.

Michigan Works could see a 5-8% cut in their budget. Directors tell 7&4 News that equates to about $300,000.

Already, Michigan Works has cut office hours at their Manistee and Kalkaska offices.

Those who rely on government housing are also at risk.

The Traverse City Housing Commission sent out a letter to landlords saying it expects to see a 5.1% decrease in funding to itâ??s housing assistance program.

If those cuts occur, the commission may have to cut participants from the Section 8 housing program.

â??Our participants are concerned because they are not on this program because they want to be on this program, they are on this because they need the assistance, they need that to help them live in a decent, affordable unit,â?? said Housing Commission Executive Director, Ilah Honson.

It is likely that Section 8 housing terminations would not take place until May 1, Honson said.

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., there is no sign of a short term solution.