Severe storm causes damage in Kalkaska County

Kalkaska County Firefighters quickly responded to a house fire caused by lightening strike.

The storm that passed through Northern Michigan this morning caused damage in Kalkaska County.

Lightening strikes and strong winds set two houses on fire and wrecked power lines.

Between 5 a.m. and 11 a.m., firefighters responded to four downed power lines and two house fires

Thanks to the quick response of the firefighters, no one was injured.

Lt. Mark Holston attributes that to good planning.

â??When you pre-plan, you're always discussing possible scenarios,â?? said Holston. â??We have multiple incidents going on at the same time so you're prepared ahead of time to get the resources coming that are necessary from through out the county."

Some lost power when heavy rain and winds knocked trees onto power-lines.

Arden Jenkins of Jenkins Potato Farm was not happy with the damage the wind and lightening left behind, but was he thankful for the rain.

â??I want to thank god for the rain we got out of this storm,â?? said Jenkins. â??We sure needed some rain.â??

At one point, responders from four townships in Kalkaska County were out on five calls at one time.