Severe storms in N. MI


Storms rolling through Isabella and Mecosta counties have caused some damage.

Severe Thunderstorm Warnings were issued around 5pm for the two counties, warning people to get indoors-for good reason.

1" hail was reported in Mt. Pleasant, and damage reports are now coming in as well. Mt. Pleasant law officials have reported several trees down, numerous power outages and a couple of lines down too. Lightning strikes have also caused a fire at an apartment complex and a second fire in a field.

Baseball sized hail has been reported in Mecosta County.

There is a flash flood warning for Isabella and Mecosta County until midnight tonight.

Blanchard has reported hail of ping pong ball size, and at one point had hail falling for over 30min (walnut to ping pong ball size). Weidman also reported 1" hail.

Earlier this evening there was an Isabella 911 outage - that has now been resolved.