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      Sex offender sentenced to 240 years in prison for relations with multiple children

      A C hippewa County man accused of targeting the kids of the women he dated, was sentenced to up to 240 years behind bars.

      40 - year - old Dale Betlem was convicted for for having sexual relations with multiple kids under the age of 13.

      " He deserves no mercy of this court," Brian Peppler, Chippewa County Prosecutor said.

      B etlem , appearing in his jail cell by video conference, sat in silence as the judge decided his fate.

      H e was convicted on four charges of first degree criminal sexual conduct , which is the most severe charge of its kind.

      " I asked the court to allow him the rest of his life to think about it every day as he sits in the cell ," Peppler said.

      A mother of one of Betlem's victims made a statement to the court, she said she is glad he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

      " All I can do is get the help she needs and try to help her through the best I can ," she said. " Dale has left a big scar on our family that will take a lifetime to heal ."

      B etlem has also served time for having sexual relations with a minor back in 200 1 .

      T oday he told the court he was inn o cent.

      "D o what you like , do what you got to do , I can't say I'm sorry for something I didn't do and I won't," Betlem said.

      B etlem said in court today that he plans on appealing his sentence.