Sharing Family Recipes: German Eggrolls

7&4's Arielle Berlin is learning how to make your favorite family recipes. She's joining Doug Hockenberger in Lake Ann to make German Eggrolls. The full recipe is below. Enjoy!


1 lb Sage sausage

3 1/2 cups Swiss cheese (shredded)

1 quart sauerkraut

2 pkgs Eggroll wrappers.

Oil for frying.

Water to seal wrappers


Brown sausage- while cooking finely chop the meat into crumbles. Drain sausage. Drain sauerkraut In a large bowl - combine sausage, kraut, and cheese. Place filling into eggroll wrapper. Fold & seal seam with a dab of water. Heat 1 inch of oil in pan until it spatters when droplets of water hit it. Place eggrolls in hot oil until brown, then turn over to brown other side. Place eggrolls on paper towel to cool.

Makes approx 18 eggrolls