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      Sharing family recipes: Shrimp Apollo

      It's not a secret that 7&4's Arielle Berlin likes to cook and she has her own stash of family recipes. But, she wanted to know what Northern Michigan had to share. She asked viewers to invite her into their home and teach her how to make their favorite family recipe.

      First, she heads to Cadillac to make Shrimp Apollo with Scott Dunlop. The recipe is below. Enjoy!


      3 tbsp olive oil

      2 cloves garlic, finely chopped or pressed

      1 bag (20 ct) frozen, peeled deveined shrimp, thawed

      5-6 roma tomatoes, diced

      1 can quartered artichoke hearts

      1 small can sliced black olives

      1/2 c Chardonnay or other white wine

      Fresh grated Parmesan or Romano



      Heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add garlic and sautà until soft. Do not brown!

      Add shrimp. Saute until backs start to split. Add diced romas and just get them warm. Stir in artichoke hearts. When they start to fall apart, add olives, and wine.

      Saute until all ingredients are hot, but not mushy

      Serve over linguine and grate cheese on to taste

      Makes (4) servings.