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      Shelter plays matchmaker to pets and vets

      F or some veterans , re-adjusting to everyday life can be difficult when returning from serving our country. W ith in that in mind , T he Otsego County Animal Shelter started a program to match loving pets with local veterans.

      M arley the basset hound was recently adopted by Alan Davis, a former marine who served in Vietnam.

      " It took so long to try and eliminate the bad things I observed," Davis said.

      D avis says that after many years the bad memories of war wouldn't go away.

      B ut once the Otsego County Animal Shelter paired him with a companion things started to get better.

      " You develop new memories and you can let the other memories slowly dissolve," Davis said.

      T he match-makers behind this program are Lynn and Andrew Fabbo. Two Veterans who knew exactly what some fellow vets are struggling with.

      " When your hearts racing and you really can't put your finger on why or you're nervous and you're lonely and having a pet to sit in your lap or even across the room is something to bring you back to an even keel," Lynn Fabbo said.

      T he program is free to all veterans. A ll you have to do is apply and if approved , the staff at the animal shelter will match you with a cat or dog.

      " It's a win-win situation ," Animal Control Officer Kristie Foguth said. "T hese animals , they appreciate a home and they love a home and have somebody that really appreciates them back , you can't beat that ."