Shelter prepared for flood victims

The Red Cross set up an emergency shelter for people displaced by flood waters in Osceola County.

People in Osceola County are being asked to leave their homes as flood waters rise.

The American Red Cross has set up a shelter in the Evart middle school for anyone displaced by high water.

The Red Cross is partnering with the Salvation Army and emergency disaster teams making sure they have all of the bases covered when it comes to providing food and shelter for flood victims.

They've set up shop offering cots and blankets, along with a safe and dry place for people to stay.

"There were several families that were displaced already today,â?? said Cindy Havens, Red Cross Disaster Program Manager. â??We just want people to know that we are here if they have no place to go tonight."

The Red Cross gets some help of its own by the Salvation Army, who partners with them providing food and water. They say it's their way of sharing hope in that the people affected are not alone in their struggle.

"It's our job to say these people are just like us,â?? explained Chris Vallette, Community Outreach and Development Director for the Big Rapids Salvation Army. â??If my house was flooded out I would want somebody there providing something for me for my family."

Brad Connor has lived in Evart, Michigan for nearly 50 years and he's been through quite a few floods

"I pretty much watched them all,â?? said Conner. â??This is about the second worst I've ever seen, but mine is just high enough where it doesn'tâ??I'm not concerned. I never have had a flood yet. But itâ??s come pretty close."

Currently, the road in front of Conner's home is blocked off. Heâ??s keeping an eye on his neighborâ??s house while heâ??s out of town.

"I said it's still good. Water is in up to it yet. So he's feeling pretty good. He'll be home in a couple weeks,â?? said Conner.

The shelter could remain open for three or four more days. It depends if anybody comes in. Emergency services determine when the shelter closes.

The shelter also accepts pets.

If you need help, you can call the American Red Cross, or contact the Evart Fire Department at 231-734-5521.

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