Sheriff warns residents of new phone scam

The Isabella County Sheriff is warning residents of a new phone scam in the area.

Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski said his office has received complaints of a scam targeting computer owners. The caller claims they're with Microsoft and calling to let the person know that the security features on their computer were recently compromised. As a result, passwords and other personal information stored on the computer would be accessible to others.

The caller offers to fix your computer free of charge, but in order to do that; they will need to gain remote access to your computer. Do not allow them to gain remote access to your computer. If you allow them to do that, they will have access to everything on your computer, including personal information, passwords and bank records.

Telephone scammers are good at what they do. They say anything and target everyone to try to cheat people out of money. They may call you and imply that they work for a company you trust, or they may send direct mail or place ads to convince you to call them.

The Federal Trade Commission has several helpful tips to recognize a scam on its website. There is also a list of current phone scams causing concern as well as an area where you can report a crime. Just click here to get all of the information you need to protect your family from scams.