Sherwin-Williams paints Reining Liberty Ranch

Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- Just in time for spring, Reining Liberty Ranch got a fresh paint job to its stables on Friday.

A crew from Sherwin-Williams painted the non-profit veteran ranch as part of their National Painting Week initiative.

The company is painting other non-profits and charities nationwide.

The goal of National Painting Week is to give back to the local non-profit’s and charities that give back to their communities every day.

“We chose Reigning Liberty Ranch because we thought it was a great organization in the area that was doing great things for our veterans,” said Sherwin-William’s Sales Representative David Derusha.

It took a crew of 20 people and 60 gallons of paint to paint the stables at Reigning Liberty Ranch.

The 7,000 square-foot project took a total of 13 hours.

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