Shipwreck findings remain a mystery

Researchers say evidence is inconclusive regarding piece of wood thought to be part of shipwrecked Le Griffon.

Five months after a dive team searched Lake Michigan for a 17th century shipwreck, it's still uncertain whether a wooden slab they removed from the lake bottom was part of the legendary Le Griffon.

The team dug beneath the embedded timber in June, hoping to find other wreckage. But none turned up.

Since then, the timber has been subjected to a CT scan and carbon-14 analysis, but scientists say they've produced no conclusive results.

Expedition leader Steve Libert says he's convinced the timber is the bowsprit of the lost Le Griffon. Michigan state archaeologist Dean Anderson contends it's a stake from an underwater net used in the 19th century.

A report from a French team says it has characteristics in common with a bowsprit.

Libert says he'll resume his search next spring.

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