Shipwreck from 1800's found in Lake Michigan

Courtesy photo

The wreck of a vintage schooner from the 1800's has been located 5 miles off the coast of Michigan between Michigan City and St. Joseph, Michigan.

The Southwest Michigan Underwater Preserve was given the GPS location and has been surveying the wreck in an effort to determine it's identity.

According to Ken Fagerman, of the SWMUP, the group has narrowed down the identity to either a civil war ship from 1863, or another ship from 1858. The ship was an 80-foot two-masted schooner.

Fagerman says that the first step in identifying the ship is going through historical records to find what ships went missing in that area. He says ships in that era did not carry name plates.

For a video of the wreck, supplied by the SWMUP, click here.