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      Shooting ranges keep gun safety in their sights

      A nine-year-old girl accidently killed her shooting instructor at a gun range in Arizona on Monday. The accident has led to a lot of concern when it comes to kids using guns.

      The girl was using an Uzi submachine gun. Itâ??s something instructors in Grand Traverse County say a child should never use.

      â??Submachine guns are not legal in Michigan,â?? said shooting instructor Charley Hockey. â??So we don't allow those on the range to start with. Semi-automatic is the most that you can use here.â??

      In Michigan, you must be 10-years-old to practice at a shooting range, and instructors at Shooters in Traverse City said itâ??s never been a problem.

      â??Itâ??s important that they learn the safety,â?? said Hockey. â??You can hunt at 10-years-old, you can hunt younger, so if we can get them using safety procedures and being safe here than it's safer in the woods as well.â??

      At the shooting range the instructor hovers directly over the student, they can grab the gun if anything goes wrong.

      â??We teach them and train them safe handling skills,â?? said shooting instructor Greg Julian. â??We encourage them to do that on a regular basis at home with their parents and theyâ??ll become safe hunters.â??

      Julian is an instructor at Cedar Rod and Gun Club. He said it's completely safe for kids to use firearms. He regularly goes hunting with his 11-year-old daughter. His concern is parents aren't constantly supervising their kids.

      â??Donâ??t assume that just because they're capable of shooting safe by themselves and hunting safe by themselves that they'll do that because at young ages accidents happen people can make mistakes,â?? said Julian.