Shooting victimâ??s family remembering â??caringâ?? man

Roger Howard, who was shot and killed Friday, is being remembered as a caring brother, son and friend.

The family of Roger Howard, the man who was shot and killed at a Long Lake Township home on Friday is speaking out.

Family and friends of Howard are grieving and remembering a brother, son and a friend.

â??When you lose a child, how do you move? It's really been helpful that my friends have called and said 'hey, I did this for so and so' and given me direction and that's really helped,â?? said Howardâ??s mother Rhonda Hudson.

Grand Traverse County Sheriff's deputies were called to a home on Black Bear Drive in Long Lake Township Friday night around 11:30 for a report of a shooting.

27-year-old Nicole Mitchell called 911 and told the dispatcher there had been an accidental shooting at her home.

Once inside the house, emergency responders found Howard with a single gunshot wound to the upper chest.

As the family tries to get back on their feet they're remembering Howard's laughter, smiles and warm heart.

â??He always helped everybody. He felt everybody came first before him and he cared a great deal about everybody he knew.â??

Deputies say Mitchell picked up Howard at his home and drove him to her house. After an argument Mitchell reportedly told Howard he was no longer welcomed at her house.

Mitchell told deputies she then grabbed a gun after she heard Howard walk into her house. When Howard walked toward her and grabbed the pistol Mitchell told deputies she heard the gun discharge.

â??He was just such an awesome person. Just so caring and it was awesome that he was there to have your back,â?? said Howardâ??s twin brother Ron Howard. â??That's what brothers do. They embarrass you and accept you to have each others back.â??

â??He really was very important to me. And I'm going to miss him, a lot. There's a hole in my heart,â?? said Hudson.

Howard's family says Mitchell, who reported the shooting, was an ex-girlfriend.

Howard's mother says she wishes Mitchell had locked her doors and called 911.

Deputies say no charges have been filed.