Shoppers venture out to satisfy cravings for savings

Many Americans celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday with a great meal. But today, millions of people ventured out to find some deals.

Customers lined up early this morning looking to get those Black Friday bargains.

The General Manager at Best Buy in Traverse City welcomed shoppers who had been camping out since Wednesday.

"They make a big event of it," said Brian Sawa of Best Buy. "They had TV's in their tents so believe me, they had a lot of fun with it."

Black Friday seems to come sooner every year with stores opening their doors as early as 8 pm Thursday. However, Best Buy stayed closed until Friday.

"Best Buy respected our employees to make sure they were able to celebrate with their families," Sawa said. "I got assurance from my corporation and Best Buy that we aren't going to open any earlier so I think that's really important."