Should it be legal for drivers to drink more?

The state's legal blood alcohol content driving threshold is set to increase from .08 to .10 in October.

Michigan's Mothers Against Drunk Driving is calling on lawmakers to prevent a scheduled rise in the state's legal blood alcohol content driving threshold.

Michigan's House Judicial Commitee took up a package of bills Wednesday that would keep the limit at 0.08 percent. It is scheduled to rise to 0.10 percent in October.

State police Legislative Liason Dwayne Gill says studies show 0.08 laws contribute to a reduction in alcohol-related deaths.

Sherry McGee of Mothers Against Drunk Driving says a person's critical driving skills become impaired when they reach the 0.08 percent threshold.

The MADD office in Michigan is encouraging residents to

text and email lawmakers

supporting the .08 BAC legislation, which is

HB 4093


HB 4131


MADD says the .08 percent law has contributed to a 25 percent drop in drunken driving deaths in Michigan.

While the U.S. Constitution allows the individual states the power to regulate alcohol, If the bill isn't passed, Michigan could lose $50 million in federal funding for violating federal safety standards.

Republican Andrea La Fontaine of Columbus Township, who sponsored one of the bills, called it "common sense."

We asked our
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what they think about the scheduled increase. Here are a few of the dozens of comments.

Dave Page

wrote: "What the heck? The law was .1 then they lowered so all the publications and handouts had to be reprinted to show .08. Now they want to change it back? This shows true government waste."

left this comment: "

WTH??????? What is wrong with people?? Hell to the NO!!! I think it's too high as it is! Yes, I am up on my high horse here! Too many people die because some people don't use the common sense the good lord gave them! How about we try BIGGER more severe penalties for drunk driving instead of encouraging this disgusting behavior by raising the limit????"

Pam Tayer

wrote: "I don't understand why any laws have an expiration date! If laws were permanent then this whole gun discussion wouldn't be happening either! Laws need to be in place until they are voted out and politicians should have shorter term limits. To answer the, if you want to drink, don't drive or better yet stay at home, where everyone will be safe."

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