Showers & storms produce heavy rain across northern Michigan Thursday

Although some sun will break out for the afternoon, Thursday morning has brought northern Michigan thunder, lightning, and heavy rain.

An incoming warm front has given us widespread 60s to wake up to - along with rain and thunder hitting the roof!

Showers and storms moved into the area late Wednesday night and into the early hours Thursday. Many in the lower peninsula experienced frequent lightning, heavy rain, and ponding on the roads was a concern, along with minor flooding.

Lake, Mason, and Oceana counties are under a flood advisory until 11am Thursday morning due to rainfall totals around 3". Minor flooding may occur, especially along small creeks, near flat farmland, and along country roads. Via the National Weather Service, areas expected to experience minor flooding include Baldwin, Ludington, Pentwater, Freesoil, Irons, Luther, Shelby, Colfax, Little Manistee, Millerton, Peacock, St. Huberts, Tallman, Weare, and Wiley.

High rainfall totals for Thursday morning were reported across northern Michigan - Manton 3", Central Lake 1.88", NW of Traverse City 1.66", SSE of Traverse City 1.58", Williamsburg 1.36", Fife Lake 1.24", and Grawn 1.05".

Through mid-morning, storms are expected to weaken and although scattered showers and storms will stay in the forecast, we'll see more sunshine break out for the afternoon.

Cold front will make it's way through heading into Friday, causing more showers and storms overnight. Although they are not expected to be severe, they may be strong so we'll continue to keep you updated.