Showers & thunderstorms this weekend

Both Saturday and Sunday weâ??ll see passing showers and thunderstorms across the state. Temperatures will remain mildâ?¦with highs in the afternoon in the 70s on Saturdayâ?¦and in the upper 60s and 70s on Sunday. It wonâ??t rain all weekend, but at any time you might see a shower. The more widespread rain will come thru the region Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon and evening. The last of the rain will linger into Monday morningâ?¦then the sky will begin to clear.

Wind will be 5-15 mph Saturday and Sunday, but gust stronger near showers and thunderstorms. Monday will be breezy for all usâ?¦gusts will be over 20 mph. Also on Mondayâ?¦it will turn coolerâ?¦highs will stay in the 60s for all of northern Michigan.