Showers and thunderstorms

More showers and thunderstorms will move across northern Michigan overnight. Any thunderstorm will create lightning, but we may also get some downpours and gusty wind with these storms.

Thursday will be cloudy and showery. The rain won't be a "blanket", and it won't last all day. Just be prepared for passing rain, and you might hear some thunder. Temperatures will be all over the place. While it's in the low 50s in the Upper Peninsula...the daytime highs will be close to 80 degrees south of Cadillac. Wind 5-15 mph...but gusting stronger near storms.

Friday will be cloudy, and we'll see more showers and thunderstorms. Highs will be in the 62 to 72 degree range. Wind will be 5-15 mph.

Saturday...look for sunshine and 55-65 degrees. Sunday...we have a chance for more rain.