Showers, clouds, humidity

Showers and thunderstorms are still around. There are breaks in the rain, but you may still get wet tonight. Itâ??ll stay cloudy and humid, too. Lows overnight will be in the 55 to 62 degree range. Light wind.

Wednesday will be just as cloudyâ?¦maybe a peek at the sun thru the clouds. More hit or miss showersâ?¦however, the chance for thunderstorms is smallerâ?¦so it looks like just showers. Highs will make it into the 70s for most of us in northern Michigan. Light and variable wind.

Thursday, the chance of widespread rain is small, but I have to include maybe a stray shower in a few townsâ?¦so not all of us will get wetâ?¦as a matter of fact, few of us will get wet. The sun will break thru for a while. Highs will be 72 to 82 degrees. Light and variable wind.

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