Showers sweep in tonight along with cooler weather

Thunderstorms did knock over a few trees Monday night near Custer in Mason County and just south of Baldwin in Lake County.

Parts of Northern Michigan took a glancing blow from widespread severe weather which slammed parts of Southern Michigan as well as parts of Illinois/Indiana/Iowa.

Thunderstorms rolled in around 9 pm Monday evening leading to a few trees being blown over near Custer in Mason County along with a few power lines knocked over just south of Baldwin in Lake County. Most of the damage in our state occurred in Kalamazoo County with reports of rather extensive tree damage in that region.

The story the next day or two is going to be a rather dramatic cool down. A push of much cooler weather will arrive later Tuesday with clouds returning and even a few showers or isolated thunderstorms rolling in later Tuesday.

It looks like the Eastern U.P. will see scattered showers/thunderstorms as early as mid/late afternoon. Clouds will also sweep back across the Lower Peninsula, but showers for the most part should hold off until around sunset before they develop heading into Tuesday night. Unlike the past couple of days, there will not be any severe weather associated with these.

Highs Wednesday will struggle greatly to get into the mid-60's on northwest winds. The day will start with ragged low stratus clouds locked in place but with time, these will erode leading to more sunshine later in the day.

The 4th of July looks picture perfect this year from a weather standpoint. Highs will be in the low/mid-70's with nearly full sunshine!

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