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      Shutdown stalls housing loan applications

      T he government shutdown is continuing to impact many things including new home loans.

      S tacks of federal home loan applications are piling up and can't be processed until the government starts running norma l ly again.

      " We are taking applications , nobody knows how long the government shutdown is going to last so were doing our best to do business as usual," Jessica Porter, Northwestern Bank Loan Officer said.

      L oan officers at Northwestern Bank have a stack of completed federal loan applications ready for the day that the government opens back up. But for now, banks, realtors, and applicants will have to wait.

      "Even If this all got settled tomorrow, there's going to be a little bit of a backlog," Pat O'Brien, real estate broker said.

      F irst time home owners often apply for the Federal Rural Development Loan, which comes with a zero percent down payment when buying.

      B ut with no one working in the department's off i ces , potential home owners have been put on hold.

      " Let's say hypothetically it was 30 days , you can add an additional day now for every day it's been shutdown for how long it's going to take process that loan ," Chris Christensen, Lynda's Real Estate Service Agent said.

      H aving to hold off on the loan process could also create problems for the applicants , w ho may have to get extensions so they can maintain mortgage rates.