Signs posted to clarify crosswalk confusion

Drivers say the crosswalk signs are a helpful reminder.

If you've ever tried crossing the street in Traverse City, you know just how busy it can be.

City leaders created a city ordinance in 2011 mandating drivers to stop for pedestrians within marked crosswalks. This year, city leaders pushed to have extra signs posted in problem intersections.

Anybody who violates the rule is responsible for a civil infraction.

â??Walking, it's hard to cross. It will probably make it a lot easier to cross,â?? said Sara Bourquin of Traverse City. â??I have noticed them driving. It makes me more aware of who's around me.â??

Drivers say the clarification with the signs is helpful reminder.

â??I probably wouldn't even think about them without the signs,â?? admitted Jeff Fitch of Kalkaska. â??The signs are there, I can see them.â??

â??Those have helped a lot, especially with the cones that were seeing now,â?? said Brian Tennis of Omena. â??That's a huge improvement because some of the crosswalks aren't really identified so well. So you don't know as a driver whether you should stop or not.â??

The signs help promote safety, and they can also keep the city out of hot water.

â??The first priority of course is peopleâ??s safety. The second priority would be city resources,â?? said Dan Burton of Dallas, Texas. â??If they don't enforce their own laws or don't mark the crosswalks well and somebody's injured, they could have a cause of action against the city.â??

Even though the rules and signs are in place, make sure you always look both ways before crossing the street.

â??It's important that you put out everything you can to remind people that it is in fact important that they notice that pedestrians will be using that part of the road,â?? said Paul Bedorough, visiting from England.