Slopes open early at some Northern Michigan resorts


s the snow continues to fall around northern michigan

, ski season is about to begin. Starting Tuesday, resorts in the area will begin to open their doors.


ith the weather the way its been


we're very excited that we've had the opportunity to have some snow and get skiers and snow

boarders back on the slopes

," Boyne Highlands President and General Manager Brad Keen said.


snow was blasted onto the hills here at
Boyne Highlands Resort in Harbor Springs. Tuesday they will have the first open slope in Northern Michigan, which will kick off the snow sports season which generates nearly six billion dollars around the state each year.


nce fall comes in and out


everyone's excited to get on the slopes



o It's very important for us to get the slopes open for people skiing and snow

boarding and it also energizes reservations and gets people excited about making plans to come up here in
December and January and the rest of winter," Keen said.


ast year


the industry saw a decent drop-off in skiers due to the mild winter.


esorts like
Nub's Nob are looking to bounce back and get started early with this perfect winter weather.




re hopeful we get
more snow than we had last year and a longer season. Folks will get lots of opportunity to come out and ski and snow board and get in the woods to cross country ski also," Nub's Nob General Manager Jim Bartlett said.


ki season doesn't only effect the resorts.


ocal restaurants, hotels


and businesses will all see the benefit of an early season.


It's a much better start than we had last year



e didn't get open last year until
tenth of December so this is good for everybody in Northern Michigan," Bartlett said.

If you are already starting to plan your trip

. B

Highlands will be open starting Tuesday. Boyne Mountain will open Friday and Nub's Nob on Saturday. Shanty Creek is holding off until December 14th, and Crystal Mountain has yet to announce their opening.