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      Small town incubator draws international interest

      A group of entrepreneurs from all over the country are bringing big ideas to life in a small northern Michigan community.

      Coolhouse L abs in Harbor Springs helps entrepreneurs get funding and guidance to develop their business plans.

      J ordan Breighner is on the ground floor at Coolhouse Labs. His hope is to make Harbor Springs the destination for people with an idea.

      " You come here and you can have th ese focused resources wh ere you can come in and work for ten weeks, build a business and get all the resources you would get in a big city, but you can get it in a place that's focused on you," Coolhouse Labs Founder Jordan Breighner said.

      Five tech startups are currently developing their business plans. E ach team from a different region , some from Chicago, New York, and one team from Taiwan.

      " It's pretty simple we give them $25,000, we give them access to our mentor network that's about 50 strong now, and we give them resources to help them build their company in ten weeks," Breighner said.

      S o far the businesses have found this incubator rather helpful. T ariq Dixon is working on a website for men's fashion and style called TRNK New York.

      " I think we are much more focused and we have a much clearer vision about the next six months, 12 months , and even 5 years down the line , s o I think we have a good path ," Dixon said.

      T hey have until August 23rd to develop their plan before they debut their work before a panel of investors and then they will find out if their business will continue to grow.