Small town trying out food trucks to help their economy

Harbor Springs has approved a trial period for food trucks in its downtown area.

The success of food trucks in places like Boyne City and Traverse City has inspired the small town of Harbor Springs to take the idea off the back-burner to test if it will help their town's economy

Harbor Springâ??s population in the summer time nearly triples, making it a prime opportunity for business growth.

The community thinks itâ??s time for something new to roll into town to help their economy.

â??What we don't want is for a family, or a couple, or anyone to come in our town come to my restaurant and it's an hour wait there.... and they leave Harbor Springs," said Stafford's Pier Restaurantâ??s General Manager Jodi Ewbank.

To curb the communityâ??s appetite for something to rejuvenate their economy the Harbor Springs council has decided to test the waters by implementing a six-month mobile food-vending pilot project.

So far operating regulations or fees have not been set by the city.

â??The floodgates are not open for trucks but we want to be progressive in a market understand it's new, it's exciting, its job creation it's entrepreneurial,â?? said Harbor Springsâ?? Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Daniel Dewindt

The fear of some restaurants losing business does exist for some, but other restaurants in Harbor Springs see this as an opportunity for everyone.

â??I believe in the concept of place making," said Ewbank. "The more that we have in town to bring the more people will come into town for us."

The food-truck-trial will run from June 2 to Dec. 2.