Snow last weekend replaced with 70's this weekend

This plot of forecasted rain from the 7&4 Storm Team shows a dry weekend with most rain south or west of the area.

Well, the weather this weekend will be a sharp contrast from the snow and cold chill of Mother's Day Weekend.

Temperatures over the week have gradually warmed and will peak Sunday/Monday with highs well into the 70's and even a few 80's possible. There will be areas of rain and thunderstorms nearby, but it appears that Northern Michigan will miss out on most if not all of the rain this weekend leading to dry weather and a nice one for anybody with plans to be outdoors.

We start the weekend Saturday with some clouds rolling through at times, but they are not expected to drop any rain as temperatures remain in the 60's to around 70F. The gem of weekend appears to be Sunday as skies go mainly sunny with temperatures shooting up through the 70's with a few 80's as well. Rain and thunderstorms over the weekend will be focused over the Southern Great Lakes along a stationary front and also west over Minnesota/Western Wisconsin associated with an area of low pressure.

Rain becomes increasingly likely early next week starting late Monday through Tuesday with rounds of rain and thunderstorms sweeping in. 7&4 Storm Team Meteorologist Christina Burkhart will have much more on that forecast this upcoming weekend.