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      Snowmobile drag race caps off winter sports season

      T he snow may be melting away , but that isn't stopping snowmobilers from squeezing in one final ride.

      T his weekend hundreds of snowmobiles will drag race up a ski hill at Treetops resort in Gaylord for the annual Race the Face competition.

      "I t shows us at the end of the year that we can still ride and there's enough snow at a ski hill , which is what we need ," Kurt Schultz, race promoter said.

      E ach rider will drag race up the hill at speeds up to 100 miles per hour.

      "There are guys that travel long-distance for this race just because of the uniqueness of it," Mark Zumbaugh, snowmobile racer said.

      A grand finale to a historic winter that brought the region more than 170 inches of snow.

      "W e live in the snow belt here in Gaylord, Michigan and it caps off the season," Russ Glasby, Treetops Resort sales director said.

      A season that brought thousands of visitors to town for snowmobiling and pumped millions of dollars into the local economy.

      T he Race the Face competition starts Friday night and will run through Saturday.